Let me tell you a bit about our school. Zippel is one of three elementary schools within Maine Administrative District #1, which serves the five communities of Presque Isle, Mapleton, Westfield, Castle Hill, and Chapman. This school is located in the rural town of Presque Isle, only a few miles from the Canadian border.

We have approximately 320 students in grades three, four, and five. We teach a strong, standards based curriculum with research based materials for reading and math. Our faculty are experienced professionals who are able to differentiate as needed. In addition to our academic curriculum, we offer physical education, art, computer technology, and music education. We have a faculty of 25 teachers and over twenty support staff to meet individual needs. Zippel provides special education services and a part time program for students who are gifted and/or talented in academics or visual and performing arts.

Parents play an active role in supporting students and teachers. We have a committed parent group serving through the Parent/Teacher Organization or PTO. They provide fun and educational experiences throughout the year. All parents are encouraged to participate.

Zippel puts an emphasis on health. We have a school lunch and breakfast program. Through a health grant, we are providing healthy snacks of fruits and vegetables to all students three days a week. Healthy eating and physical activity are incorporated into all parts of the school day.
At Zippel Elementary, we believe that each and every child is a vital resource whose education is an investment for the future of us all. We believe that:

  • A successful school depends on the cooperation and shared responsibility of all participants – students, faculty, parents, and community
  • All individuals deserve to learn in an atmosphere based on mutual respect
  • All students have the right to a healthy and safe learning environment

Take a look at our links and call if you have need of any further information. Thanks for stopping by.